Gears, Pulleys, and Timing Belts for the Robotics Industry

Robots have changed the way we live. Now, Illinois Pulley & Gear is changing the way we create robotic components. As the primary source of power transmission in industrial and other robots, you need high-quality parts you can count on to keep up with the ever-adapting technology in this space.

Robotic Technology is Always Upgrading. Are You?

Emerging technologies and new materials in the robotics and automation industries have a dramatic impact on your gear manufacturing needs. Illinois Pulley & Gear is here to help you navigate this space with expertise and precision.

rehabilitation robotics

Our custom gear manufacturing process is suitable for a wide range of robotics applications, helping you achieve similar torque outputs using less space and weight. Our high precision, high quality components have been used in applications including, but not limited to:

  • Rehabilitation robots: to assist in and augment various sensorimotor development for patients of all ages
  • Welding robots: used in resistance spot welding and arc welding for high production applications, such as the automotive industry
  • Robot controller applications: to help facilitate the highly advanced movement of additional robotic components
  • Powered exoskeletons: allowing for increased strength and endurance in limb movement for medical & other applications
  • Remote surgery systems
  • Bomb disposal robots

Our job is to help your robotics continue to increase quality, production capacity, and worker protection across facilities and applications. Regardless of your specific needs in terms of material, tolerance, or design requirements, we can deliver innovation and customization in every step of the manufacturing process.

Get the components you need to push your robotics, and your business, further.