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What is a Drive Pulley?

what is a drive pulley

While perusing our pulley stock, you may have seen or heard of drive pulleys before. Or perhaps the only reason you know what you are looking at is because a mechanic told you it was the thing that broke. Either way, drive pulleys are a critical component of many common household machines, making it important to know exactly what they are and how they work.

What is a Drive Pulley?

In short, a drive pulley is one which is attached to a power source. When in use, a force is placed upon the belt around the pulley, which is also connected to an object being driven. In most cases, the applied force causes the object to spin. While it may sound simple, there are a wide range of tasks that drive pulleys help make easier for us every day.

What Does a Drive Pulley Do?

Predominately, a drive pulley moves energy from one place to another. Some common places to see drive pulleys in action are:

  • Fans
  • Mower Blades
  • Snowblower Augers
  • Industrial Drills
  • Automotive Alternators
  • and even HVAC systems
what is a drive pulley?

While newer models of these machines may have easily replaceable parts, other products may have been discontinued or in limited supply, making the need for a custom gear manufacturer necessary. With the right manufacturer, you can get a new part made to your exact specifications and get your equipment running again.

What is a Drive Pulley Made From?

Because of the continual force put upon them, drive pulleys need to be made from sturdy materials; diecast, steel, and cast iron are popular choices. Unfortunately, no matter which material is chosen, drive pulleys can still wear down over time, needing to be replaced.

Why Work with a Custom Gear Manufacturer

Custom manufacturing gives you the ability to get exactly the product that you asked for, designed, and engineered to fit your needs perfectly. Additionally, custom manufacturers will keep you well informed during the process, from development to completion.

Why Trust Illinois Pulley & Gear to Manufacture Your New Drive Pulley?

Having over 90 years of combined industry experience, Illinois Pulley & Gear is one of the most specialized pulley manufacturers in the USA. We have the flexibility to manufacture high-precision, custom solutions unavailable anywhere else.

Just as personalized as the products you will receive is the experience you will have while working with us. By keeping you informed and a part of the process, our hands-on approach helps us reduce the likelihood of error and ensure you leave with exactly what you need.

We are available to assist you in the selection and ordering of your pulley with expert knowledge.

To get in contact with our team, call 847.407.9595 or use our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!