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Specialty Automotive Pulleys for Racing Applications

specialty automotive pulleys for racing applications, blurred raceway

The anatomy of a race car is complex, each component built for speed, power, and veracity. From roof strips and windshield clips to body panels and a TV camera, each piece plays a role in the vehicle’s ability to function as it should.

The engine is one of the most important elements of a vehicle built for racing. One automotive resource writes, “The engine in the NASCAR race car is probably the most crucial component. It has to make huge amounts of power for hours on end, without any failures.”

Beyond the powerful possibilities of a car built for racing, many street-car drivers long for a boost of power. In response, specialty automotive kit manufacturers create superchargers, built to “level up” the average street-car experience.

Below, we’ll dive into the individual components of a centrifugal supercharger, touching on the importance of specialty automotive pulleys for manufacturing kits. We’ll also explain the benefits of working with a custom pulley manufacturer to produce high-quality, reliable automotive kits.

Specialty Automotive Manufacturing Kits: Superchargers

In recent years, superchargers have grown in popularity. Vehicle owners are drawn to the concept of significant power gains via a simple addition to their current automobile.

Homeowners searching for a new piece of furniture for their home – like a dishwasher or bathroom sink – look for the best option within their budget. The same goes for cars! People prize their vehicles, and selecting a trustworthy, high-quality automotive kit takes time.

What Are the Main Components of a Supercharger?


The impeller is one of the most important components of a supercharger, located directly in the center of the system. One supercharger manufacturer writes, “The impeller pushes air into the blower and builds the pressure that translates directly into positive manifold pressure, also known as boost.”

Impellers are built with utmost quality and durability because they must withstand intense environmental conditions within the supercharger for extended periods of time.


Once more, the diffuser is extremely important. This component is designed to convert energy into pressure. All built-up kinetic energy is transformed into velocity at a gradual, controlled pace.


The transmission must be capable of handling intense impeller speeds. “Additionally,” the supercharger manufacturer continues, “The transmission contains bearings to support the shafts that are attached to the internal gears. Bearings are used throughout the system to help parts move smoothly and reduce friction and wear.”

Compressor Housing (Volute)

A volute is unique to a specific to centrifugal superchargers. This specific supercharger uses air to increase pressure in the engine, burning more fuel at a higher level of combustion. The volute collects airflow and transfers it to downstream pipe.

The Importance Of Customizable Pulleys

For the supercharger to run smoothly, a high-quality timing belt system is required. However, automotive belts have a unique tooth profile. To work properly, the pulley must fit this exact profile. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task for many pulley manufacturers, making it challenging for automotive kit companies to find a high-quality product customized to exact specifications.

Specialty automotive kit manufacturers often have to make two stops when purchasing pulleys for their kits.

First, the manufacturer has to buy however many timing belt pulleys are needed. Then, if the pulley company does not customize the pulleys to precise specifications, the manufacturer must take the pulleys to a company who can customize the pulleys.

To save time and resources, automotive kit manufacturers can purchase from a pulley company that customizes the product on-demand, delivering exactly what the kit manufacturer needs right away – a one-stop-shop.

For Specialty Automotive Manufacturing Kits, Quality is Critical

High-powered vehicles require reliable components. Companies selling automotive manufacturing kits, such as superchargers, need every element to be trustworthy – all the time. To create an excellent final product, each building piece should also be excellent.

IPG always delivers high-quality automotive timing pulleys for racing applications at market value. Although we may not be the cheapest option, the adage is true: you get what you pay for. Don’t compromise on quality.

Illinois Pulley & Gear: Automotive Pulleys for Racing Applications

At Illinois Pulley & Gear, we produce made-to-order timing belt pulleys to exacting customer expectations. Our experience working with specialty automotive kit manufacturers has allowed us to understand the unique requirements of this industry. We customize our products and processes for the good of each client.

We are known for our high-quality product and superb customer service. We would love to get in touch. If you have any questions about our customizable timing belt pulleys, give us a call at 847- 407- 9595 or complete our online contact form. Let’s talk!