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Imperial Pitch Timing Belts

There are many different types of timing belts, from flat belts, ribbed belts, curvilinear belts, and imperial pitch timing belts! All the different timing belts are like a "family," with each of the different belts being a different member of the family. Knowing a bit about each will keep you informed and help you make the best choices for your machinery. In this post, we'll focus on imperial pitch timing belts specifically – but keep an eye out for our future blog posts on the other types as well! Read on for a comprehensive guide to imperial pitch timing belts from the experts at Illinois Pulley & Gear.

What is an Imperial Pitch Timing Belt?

Imperial Pitch timing belts are so named for their Imperial measurement of tooth pitch, i.e. 0.080, 0.200, 0.375, 0.500, and 0.875 inches. Imperial pitch timing belts have a tooth shape similar to an isosceles trapezoid.  These teeth are extremely effective for forced transmission purposes. Imperial Pitch timing belts are loved industry-wide for superior traction and speed, long service life, and high bearing load.

What's the downside of Imperial Pitch belts? While they are very useful and perhaps the most common belt type for a great deal of applications, they are not perfect for everything. At higher speeds and torques, it's possible for trapezoidal timing belts to deteriorate more quickly than other types of timing belts. This is because the flat-topped ridges are not ideal for heavy concentrations of stress.

What are Imperial Pitch Timing Belts Made Of?

Imperial Pitch timing belts are almost always made of rubber or polymer. They can be manufactured with or without reinforcement. For increased strength, extra heavy-duty imperial pitch timing belts can also be made of rubber or polymer with fibers incorporated into the material. Incorporated fibers are available in a multitude of materials, including textiles, like cotton, nylon, and other polyamides, and for optimum durability, steel and aramid fibers such as Kevlar can be incorporated. The sturdy construction of Illinois Pulley & Gear's Imperial Pitch belts means you can use them anywhere, even in the toughest machines.

Advantages of Imperial Pitch Timing Belts

The type of timing belt you should select varies based upon a number of factors. But, if you do need an Imperial Pitch timing belt, rest assured that this type of timing belt has many unique characteristics and benefits, such as the following:

  • The isosceles trapezoid shaped tooth featured in Imperial Pitch timing belts work to prevent the belt from slipping.
  • Imperial Pitch timing belts can offer better torque transmission. 
  • Imperial Pitch timing belts take up less valuable space in your industrial machinery. For example, they have a thinner width than flat belts.
  • Imperial Pitch timing belts have looser tautness requirements than other timing belts.

Types of Imperial Pitch Timing Belts

Believe it or not, there are different types of Imperial Pitch timing belts. Which one you need may depend on your unique needs and application. Some examples of different types of Imperial Pitch timing belts include:

  • Notched Imperial Pitch belts
  • Reinforced notched Imperial Pitch belts
  • Enveloped Imperial Pitch belts
  • Open Ended Imperial Pitch belts
  • Jointed Imperial Pitch belts

At Illinois Pulley & Gear, we can source a multitude of timing belt stock and can source Imperial Pitch timing belts to your specifications. Our Imperial Pitch timing belts can be made in almost any length, as well in a full range of pitches, including MXL, XL, L, H, XH, and XXH.

Imperial Pitch Timing Belt Applications

Imperial Pitch timing belts are the most commonly used timing belts across a number of varied industries. At Illinois Pulley & Gear, we source timing belts to your specifications, and our wide variety of pitch capabilities makes our belts perfect for both small and large machines.

Imperial Pitch Timing Belts for Small Machines

As we mentioned, Illinois Pulley & Gear can manufacture Imperial Pitch timing belts specific to your machine, in a full range of pitch sizes. Imperial Pitch timing belts with smaller pitches are frequently requested for our customers with small machinery. The small but sturdy belts are perfect for office machines, such as copiers and printers, and precise robotic equipment and 3D printers.

Imperial Pitch Timing Belts for Heavy Industry

At Illinois Pulley & Gear, we have the capabilities to source Imperial Pitch timing belts in the largest pitch sizes, creating the perfect and most efficient belt for heavy industry. We serve a multitude of agricultural, automotive, power transmission, packaging, food processing, and heavy equipment companies in this capacity.

Should I Choose an Imperial Pitch Timing Belt?

In deciding whether to choose an Imperial Pitch timing belt for a certain application, consider the rotational speed, center distance, reduction ratio, torque, temperature, and environmental conditions. If you need to transmit very high power, choose a trapezoidal belt, which delivers higher power than a flat timing belt can at the same level of tension. Keep in mind that while the optimum speed range for a trapezoidal timing belt falls between 300 and 2,130 m/min, two or more trapezoidal timing belts can be used in a side-by-side arrangement (called a multiple belt drive) if your application requires higher power.

Illinois Pulley & Gear: Timing Belt Pulley Manufacturers

If you’re looking for Imperial Pitch timing belts that work seamlessly in your machines, choosing a custom-made timing belt manufactured by Illinois Pulley & Gear is the option that makes the most sense economically, without compromising whatsoever on effectiveness, function, or efficiency.

At Illinois Pulley & Gear, we are passionate about producing high-quality timing belt pulley systems that are built to last. You can request timing belts made-to-order to your unique specifications, depending on your precise needs. We are client-oriented and ready to listen. To inquire about specific or custom products today, reach out via our online contact form or give us a call at 847.407.9595.