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HTD Timing Belts and Curvilinear Tooth Profiles

From flat belts to ribbed belts, curvilinear belts to trapezoidal belts, there are many different types of timing belts! All the different timing belts are like a "family", with each of the different belts being a different member of the family. Knowing a bit about each will keep you informed and help you make the best choices for your machinery. 

In this post, we’ll focus on HTD timing belts with curvilinear tooth profiles, specifically – but keep an eye out for our future blog posts on the other types, as well! Read on for a comprehensive guide to HTD timing belts and curvilinear tooth profiles from the experts at Illinois Pulley & Gear. 

What is an HTD Timing Belt? 

HTD stands for high torque drive. HTD timing belts are a type of synchronous belt featuring teeth that are rounded. They differ from trapezoidal timing belts in that their tooth profiles are deeper and more closely spaced. Pitches in HTD belts will range from 3 to 20 millimeters and are usually available with a double-sided tooth option. 

What is a Curvilinear Tooth Profile? 

HTD® Timing Belts feature a curvilinear tooth profile. This type of tooth profile was designed in the 1970s to improve upon the trapezoidal tooth profile. Designed for high torque, high-speed applications, curvilinear timing belt tooth profiles have a deeper tooth than trapezoidal tooth profile belts and deliver less backlash than trapezoidal tooth profile timing belts. 

Timing belts with a curvilinear profile give the belt a greater contact area with the pulley, leading to a smaller unit pressure on the tooth itself. The effect, in turn, is improved performance depending on your particular application. 

Advantages of HTD Timing Belts and Curvilinear Tooth Profiles:

The type of timing belt you should select varies based upon several factors. But, if you do need an HTD timing belt with a curvilinear tooth profile, rest assured that this type of timing belt has many unique characteristics and benefits, such as the following: 

  • Curvilinear tooth profiles tend to have a lesser chance of tooth jumping
  • HTD timing belts have less installation tension
  • Curvilinear tooth profiles have light bearing loads
  • This type of belt has greater shear strength
  • HTD timing belts are known for their lighter construction, leading to smaller centrifugal loss
  • Timing belts with curvilinear tooth profiles tend to cost less since a narrower belt can handle the same load 

HTD Timing Belt Applications: 

HTD timing belts are commonly used across several varied industries. The specific application can depend on pitch sizes. HTD belts with small pitch sizes are perfect for light power applications where precise positioning matters, including small power tools, small kitchen appliances like food processors, office machines like printers, home appliances like sewing machines and vacuum cleaners, medical equipment, and vending machines. 

HTD belts with larger pitch sizes work well in heavy machinery used in the manufacturing, construction, mining, forestry, and agriculture industries.   

Illinois Pulley & Gear: Timing Belt Pulley Manufacturers 

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