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How IPG’s Custom Pulleys Work with BRECOflex Timing Belts

BRECOflex CO., LLC manufactures high-quality, popular timing belts, including polyurethane timing belts. At IPG, we can manufacture equally high-quality pulleys that are specifically designed to work best with these timing belts. If you’re looking for pulleys that work with BRECOflex timing belts, choosing a custom-made pulley manufactured by IPG makes the most sense economically, without compromising on effectiveness, function, or efficiency.

Pulleys for BRECOflex Timing Belts

IPG is a custom pulley manufacturer with the goal of providing high-quality products in efficient and economic ways. IPG’s focus is set on customer service and quality parts. IPG custom-makes pulleys exactly to BRECOflex standards. As a result, customers can be sure their pulleys will always work with BRECOflex timing belts.

The number one benefit of using IPG as your resource for BRECOflex-fit pulleys is that our pulleys can be customized in any way needed. You won’t have to pick from pre-made stock and hope something works out for your company’s purpose. IPG goes above and beyond in terms of customer service. For example, one IPG client receives products with screwed-on flanges to support the heavy side loads experienced in the Glass Industry. Made-to-order timing pulleys may be produced with a full range of customer specified requirements, such as pitch, number of teeth, bore size (English or Metric), keyway, setscrews, lightening holes, and timing marks.

IPG is happy to create custom products for their clients and understands the importance of the absolute perfect fit. IPG does not sell belts; rather, IPG’s primary products are timing belt pulleys and timing pulley stock. IPG also creates a wide range of gear and pulley stock for a slew of industries, such as:

• Aerospace

• Agriculture

• Automotive

• Power Transmission

• Automation

• Robotics

• Packaging & Labeling

• Food Processing

• Medical/Pharma

• Wire Processing

• 3D printers

• Equipment and Machine Components

Benefits of Using BRECOflex Timing Belts:

BRECOflex timing belts are the best in their industry in terms of innovation. BRECOflex is the only brand that creates timing belts with flexible tensions member design. They are wear-resistant, have high-tooth pitch accuracy, and high-tooth sheer strength with no post elongation. They also boast a long power range, up to 200 KW (275 HP). BRECOflex timing belts are great for the long term: not only are they resistant to petroleum, oils, and fats, but they also won’t harden with age. The quiet, smooth running of BRECOflex timing belts leaves with you no vibration and little to no required maintenance.

BRECOflex Timing Belt Construction Types:

IPG’s custom pulleys work with all BRECOflex timing belt construction types. BRECOflex timing belts are available in:

  • Open-Ended M,
  • Welded-V, and
  • Truly Endless BFX construction types.

What’s the difference between these three distinctions? First things first, each construction type is meant for a different application.

Open-Ended M timing belts are used for linear drive applications. This type of BRECOflex timing belt has a fantastic tooth shear strength and high spring rate. Select an Open-Ended M timing belt if you need a linear drive with stiffness and high repeatability.

Spliced and Welded V timing belts are used for conveying and many other general purpose applications. They’re also commonly used for welded profiles and backings. Spliced and Welded V timing belts are available in moth tooth configurations. Welded belts have 50% of the strength of a truly endless belt.

Truly Endless BFX timing belts are used for power transmission applications. This is the strongest belt construction type. Truly Endless BFX timing belts have steel tension members and very high tooth shear strength.

BRECOflex Timing Belt Materials: What are BRECOflex Timing Belts Made of?

As we mentioned previously, BRECOflex typically uses polyurethane in the manufacturing of timing belts. Polyurethane is selected because it is “a broad spectrum” of many thermoplastic elastomers. BRECOflex currently manufactures timing belts made from 16 different types of polyurethane materials.

Why does BRECOflex use polyurethane? According to BRECOflex, the material is suitable for most applications, is extremely wear resistant, and has an extensive temperature range. It’s also resistant to ozone and sunlight as well as petroleum, oils, and fats. No lubrication is required for this material, it’s non-marking, and it allows belt processing without loss of material properties. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, polyurethane construction allows for high tooth shear strength and high-tension resistance, two things that are of chief importance in a quality timing belt.

What kind of polyurethane does BRECOflex use? According to BRECOflex, their “standard” is a type of polyurethane referred to as TPU-ST1. TPU-ST1 is used for all belt types, including BFX belts l that are longer than 720 millimeters. They’re typically white in color, and have a hardness designation of “92 Shore A.”

The Different Kinds of BRECOflex Timing Belts:

IPG’s custom pulleys work with all different BRECOflex timing belts. The most common types of BRECOflex timing belts are:

  • PAZ (Nylon Facing on Tooth Side) – this type of timing belt offers reduced coefficient of friction, improved belt and pulley engagement, reduced noise and vibration, and lower friction force.
  • PAR (Nylon Facing on Belt Back) – this type of timing belt offers reduced coefficient of friction and is resistant to most kinds of oil and grease. This type of timing belt is also ideal for use as a back cover for accumulator conveyers.
  • PAZ-PAR (Nylon Facing on Both Sides) – this type of timing belt combines the advantages of both PAZ and PAR timing belts!
  • T-Cover (Clear Polyurethane Back Cover) – this type of timing belt is wear and abrasion resistant, and is ideal for conveying smooth surfaces, like glass, metal, or wood.
  • DR (Extra Thickness) – this time of timing belt is great for longitudinal and/or lateral machining. It also has a long service life for abrasive conveying uses.
  • DL (Double Sided) – this type of timing belt can transmit power on both sides of the timing belt, and are ideal for serpentine drives.

Choosing a Custom Pulley for BRECOflex Timing Belts:

If you’re looking for pulleys that work seamlessly with BRECOflex timing belts, choosing a custom-made pulley manufactured by IPG is the option that makes sense economically, without compromising whatsoever on effectiveness, function, or efficiency.

At Illinois Pulley & Gear, we are passionate about producing high-quality timing belt pulley systems that are built to last. Every timing belt pulley is made-to-order to customer specifications, depending on your precise need. We are client-oriented and ready to listen. To inquire about timing belt pulley systems today, reach out via our online contact form or give us a call at 847.407.9595.