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Benefits of Working With a Custom Gear Manufacturer

Two men fixing a custom gear

It hardly bears saying that one gear is very much not like another. One-size-fits-all is rare in industrial applications or vehicular design, where the power transmission requirements are specific and not easily fudged. Unfortunately, it’s not always simple to find what you need when it comes to gears; sometimes it’s downright hard.

That’s where gear design comes in. When you work with a custom gear manufacturer, you can get the exact materials you need, with the exact design, in the exact amounts specific to your application. The engineering benefits are huge, and they continue to pay themselves back throughout the lifetime of your machinery and its independent parts.

So what exactly are the perks of working with custom gear experts? Here are just a few.

Custom Gear Engineering Meets Your Exact Requirements

First and foremost, custom gear engineering and manufacturing meets your exact specifications without having to hunt all over for a part that might work. Standard stock often just doesn’t do the trick, and you need better choices.

Perhaps you have old machinery, and it’s hard to find replacement parts when they break down – but you don’t want to give up on a perfectly good system. Sometimes you’re building the entire machine from scratch, and you need a partner to ensure your gears are top-quality. Other times, you’ve got gears of the right size and shape, but for whatever reason they are not performing as expected in your application, and you need a better solution.

Whatever the case, a custom gear expert will help meet those exact requirements so the system works exactly as planned. As such, you get to choose the qualities and characteristics of your custom gear from start to finish, including:

  • Material, ranging from metals to plastics
  • Style of gear, from bevel gears to worm gears to spur gears and beyond
  • Pitch, width, amount of teeth, and pressure angle
  • Beveling characteristics

If you know exactly how you want your gear made, that’s great. If not, and you need some guidance, an expert team will help guide you on the engineering so that your custom gear is strong, durable, and powerful enough to meet the needs of the drive system.

You’re Working with Gear Experts

A custom gear manufacturer should be experienced enough to take one look at your prints or consult on your system and recommend a path forward. Experts such as Illinois Pulley & Gear have been providing their customers with such performance-driven services for decades, and can produce specially tailored parts that meet your specifications with no trouble at all.

If you have past prints, we’re happy to work from those and reproduce the parts you’re currently using exactly. If you aren’t sure what you need or are relying on outside help to engineer something completely new, we’re happy to assist there as well. Our depth of knowledge means we can always find you the right solution, made of the right materials, in a timely fashion.

You’ll not only receive the benefit of custom gear expertise in the short-term, either. Once we work together, you will have a long-haul partner in designing and creating the parts you need to succeed in all your endeavors from now on.

You Save Money Long Term

Most companies are concerned about their bottom line, of course. Luckily, custom gear design helps there too. When you work with an expert gear manufacturer, you will see cost savings now and in future. Specifically:

  • You don’t have to try and modify stock parts, which can be expensive, time-consuming, and not all that successful.
  • You can avoid spending lots of time trying to find premade gears that will fit the bill. Instead, you can give your specs to a manufacturer, or work with their engineering team to design a solution right away. If time is money, then skipping the search will save you boatloads.
  • You eliminate guesswork about whether a non-customized gear will actually meet the needs of your drive system, and instead go to sleep at night with the confidence that it definitely will.
  • You can trust that your custom-made gears will last longer. For one thing, they are made of the exact materials for your needs. For another, because they fit so perfectly into your system, you reduce wear and tear on both gears and the parts around them.
  • You know exactly how long your gear will last, so you don’t have to play guesswork with inventory, paying for rush fees or keeping lots of stock on hand.
  • You’ll have a partner to help you repair problems or replace worn parts immediately.
  • You don’t have to spend lots of time on subsequent orders, since we can simply replicate what you’ve already purchased and send it to your doorstep.

From now on, you will have a streamlined system that allows you to order parts when you need them, keep low inventory for a streamlined worksite, and replace them immediately when the need arises. This is a huge cost savings, not to mention a simplification of your workflow – which will only increase the amount of dough you keep in your own bank account.

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Ready to work with a custom gear expert? Ditch the long, lame process of checking stock online or altering gears yourself, and instead get in touch with Illinois Pulley & Gear today. Our friendly team is standing by to learn more about what you need, fill your custom requests, and make sure your drive systems are always up to date and up to snuff.

Feel free to call or email us with questions at any time, and we will answer them to the best of our ability. If you’re ready to make a part together, then we’re ready too! All you have to do is get in touch, so don’t wait.