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Flanging Processes

Roll Staking:

Roll staking is an excellent way of attaching flanges to smaller timing pulleys. Roll staking produces a crimp 100% of the way around the edge of the flange. This method is superior to conventional staking methods which only hold a small percentage of the flange to the pulley.


Heat Shrinking:

Heat shrinking is an excellent way of attaching heavy large diameter flanges to timing pulleys. The flanges are heated to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or more and then placed onto the pulleys’ flange step which is 0.015” to 0.020” larger in diameter than the ID of the flange in its cold state. Upon cooling, the flange shrinks onto the flange step of the pulley, permanently holding it in place.

Bolt on Flanges:

For the ultimate in flanges, IPG makes bolt on flanges. These flanges are the heaviest and most durable flanges available. Flanges are held to the sides of the timing pulleys by flat head screws. An additional advantage to bolt of flanges is the ability to remove the flange for belt maintenance. Other flanging methods do not allow the flange to be removed for maintenance purposes.