Gears, Pulleys, and Timing Belts for Industrial Automation

Millions of goods and products are distributed globally every day, a process almost entirely dependent upon automation. Without the help of working automated machinery, our supply chains would suffer dramatically, resulting in an unscalable imbalance of supply and demand.

At Illinois Pulley & Gear, we understand the incredibly important needs of the automation industry. We design and manufacture only the highest quality gears and pulleys to optimize quality and output while minimizing waste across a wide variety of applications.

Type of Automation Systems Gears and Pulleys Are Best Suited For

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Storage Systems
  • Pallet Handling Systems
  • Battery Pack Assembly

Each of these complex systems require high-quality parts, some of which can no longer be purchased from a traditional catalog house. We understand there are many variations within these broad categories, and our custom manufacturing process is prepared to handle your gear and pulley needs for them all. Regardless of your specific needs in terms of material, tolerance, or design requirements, we can deliver innovation and customization every step of the way.

gears for the automation industry

Get the automation gear and pulley components you need to keep your production process running smoothly.