160-3MR-PS-8A Pulley Stock

Comparable to: 160-3P-PS8A, A 6A52M160GT20, A6A52M160GT20, 3MR-160S-PS-8A, 160-3GT-P-

IPG, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, provides precision-machined pulley stock, accessible in a variety of profiles. Pulley stock can be used to create prototypes, custom pulleys, and stock pulleys. Our available timing pulley stock contains numerous popular timing tooth profiles. The ‘160-3MR-PS-8A’ timing pulley stock, featuring 160 teeth and a 3MR profile, is meticulously engineered to cater to diverse mechanical applications. Prioritizing precision and reliability with a strong emphasis on industrial-grade accuracy, this pulley stock stands out. Our manufacturing facility provides a variety of profiles for pulley stock, enhancing its adaptability. This flexibility makes it well-suited for crafting prototypes, custom pulleys, and standard stock pulleys, effectively addressing the varied needs of timing and motion control in mechanical systems.

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Prod. #Number of TeethTooth StyleMaterialOutside DiameterInside Diameter
English (in)Metric (mm)
English (in)Metric (mm)
160-3MR-PS-8A1603mm GTAluminum