13-T10-PS-8A Pulley Stock

Comparable to:  13T10-PS140A, A 6A38M013T14, A6A38M013T14, 13T10-PS-1

The ’13-T10-PS-8A’ pulley stock is a purpose-built component tailored for mechanical systems. Engineered with meticulous precision, featuring 13 teeth and a T10 profile, this part ensures reliable and precise performance across a diverse spectrum of industrial applications. Its versatility extends to various industries, including food processing, medicine, and agriculture, enhancing the precision and accuracy of machinery operations. Whether integrated into prototypes or used as stock pulleys, the ’13-T10-PS-8A’ pulley stock provides essential functionality for mechanical systems that require controlled timing and motion.

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Prod. #Number of TeethTooth StyleMaterialOutside DiameterInside Diameter
English (in)Metric (mm)
English (in)Metric (mm)