112-5MR-PS-8A Pulley Stock

Comparable to: 112-5P-PS8A, A 6A54M112GT20, A6A54M112GT20, 5MR-112S-PS-

In our extensive inventory, the ‘112-5MR-PS-8A’ pulley stock serves as a prime example of our steadfast commitment to excellence. Engineered with precision, this pulley stock delivers exceptional performance and longevity. Tailored with unique characteristics, it is well-suited for a broad spectrum of applications, ensuring dependable operation in various industrial and mechanical settings. With 112 teeth, a 5MR profile, and crafted from robust materials, the ‘112-5MR-PS-8A’ pulley stock exemplifies our dedication to precision engineering in the realm of pulley components.

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Prod. #Number of TeethTooth StyleMaterialOutside DiameterInside Diameter
English (in)Metric (mm)
English (in)Metric (mm)
112-5MR-PS-8A1125mm GTAluminum