All IPG pulley stock is precision machined from bar stock at our Schaumburg facility. We do not use extrusions or imported pulley stock. Pick your material, tooth profile, and any number of teeth, and we will produce it.

Our customized PolyChain pulley stock is made on-demand, according to the specifications of the client. Are you looking for plastic or stainless steel stock or a unique grade gear commonly unavailable? Our client-oriented team is ready to comprehend your specific needs and provide innovative solutions.  Our quick turnaround time is designed for manufacturers in need of immediate, specific solutions – within a matter of days.

PolyChain Pulley Stock Product Summary

PolyChain pulley stock is a particular type of material that is used to develop, design, and create custom timing pulleys. These help keep critical machines working in manufacturing and other environments everywhere. Each type of material has its own strengths and weaknesses, which is why choosing the right one is hugely important to your eventual success. At Illinois Pulley & Gear, we recommend PolyChain pulley stock for several reasons.

polychain pulley stock

What is PolyChain Pulley Stock?

PolyChain pulley stock can be manufactured in a number of different teeth that can be selected based on the needs of the client’s application. This tooth profile can transmit greater torque loads than the HTD or PowerGrip GT profiles.  It is an excellent choice for high-torque power transmission applications.

What is PolyChain Pulley Stock Used For?

PolyChain pulley stock is used in a host of unique ways, with prototyping being a top example. PolyChain pulley stock can be used for research and development and even straightforward experimentation. If you have a particularly challenging problem that you’re trying to solve, you are free to try a number of solutions cost-effectively until you find the right one. At that point, it can then be mass-produced more efficiently.

PolyChain pulley stock is also used to help create replacement parts for various machines, too. This is particularly necessary if that machine isn’t being supported or serviced by the OEM any longer.

Partnering with Illinois Pulley & Gear for Custom PolyChain Pulley Stock

When you choose Illinois Pulley & Gear as your custom PolyChain pulley stock provider, you’re getting a partner who understands how to meet your needs in an on-demand and on-budget manner. Everything that we offer is manufactured at our Schaumburg location, which is part of how we’re able to maintain a high turnaround time and an even higher commitment to quality. Absolutely everything is kept in-house so regardless of how complicated your needs happen to be, we can typically meet them in just a few days.


Common materials available for pulley stock include, but are not limited to:

Aluminum – Grades 6061, 2024, 7075
Steel – Grades 1215, 1144, 1045, 4140
Stainless Steel – Grades 303, 304, 316, 17–4 PH
Plastics – Nylon, Delrin, UHMW

Material certifications are available upon request.

Why Choose Illinois Pulley & Gear?

At IPG, we promise uncompromised service. Our team is dedicated to every client, readily available to connect over the phone, help solve problems, and answer questions. As a client-oriented company, we are ready to listen well, comprehend needs, work through issues, and provide innovative solutions. Our team is flexible to accommodate your requirements. Place blanket orders for the entire year or order as needed – we are ready to meet your specific needs.

At IPG, every product is USA-made to order. You will always receive the highest-quality product, made according to standard or custom specifications.