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Made-to-Order Timing Pulleys

Illinois Pulley & Gear produces made-to-order timing pulley to exacting customer specifications. Made-to-order timing pulleys may be produced from a variety of materials. Timing pulleys may be produced with other customer specified requirements such as pitch, number of teeth, bore size (English or Metric), keyway, setscrews, lightening holes, and timing marks. IPG, Inc. can produce stock or made-to-order timing pulleys with many tooth profiles.

Overview of Spur Gears – Everything You need to Know

In their most simple form, a spur gear is a circular steel disc with teeth around the perimeter.  Spur gears are probably the most common gears. These teeth work in conjunction with other gears to create a rotation.  The “toothed” edges cause these gears to look like a spur on the back of a cowboy’s…

Gear & Pulley Manufacturing Glossary of Terms

Aluminum Aluminum is the most common metal found on the Earth’s crust. It is notably light and thin, having about ⅓ the density of its metal counterpart, steel. Aluminum is used frequently in manufacturing settings. Angular Misalignment When two shafts in a piece of machinery become skewed, this is known as angular misalignment. This specific…

  • Illinois Pulley & Gear has provided precision machining services for us for over 5 years.  They have been consistently reliable, professional, and flexible from quoting to manufacturing and delivery.
    Eric BroseProject Manager, Technico Precision Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Illinois Pulley and Gear has been amazing to work with. They produce high-quality, custom parts, and they know their business.
    MattProject Manager,

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