From prototype to final product, Illinois Pulley & Gear is your partner in medical device component manufacturing.

Those in the medical industry understand just how critical life-saving equipment and machinery can be, and so do we. That is why our team of engineers is dedicated to working closely with you to find or create effective component solutions to meet precise medical equipment standards and needs.

Together, We Can Create a Healthier Tomorrow

At Illinois Pulley & Gear, our goal is to give you the ability to improve the quality and efficiency of your health care practices for a healthier tomorrow. With our highly accurate, quality, and safe components, we can accomplish this goal together.


Our engineers have the capability to meet nearly every requirement of the medical industry’s machined parts, gear assemblies, and more. If we do not currently make the part you require, we will create a custom design to meet your exact requirements.

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Our Pulleys and Gears Can Be Used in The Following Medical Devices

Exercise and Rehabilitation Equipment – Allow your patients to exercise without fear of falling weights or broken machines. Allow for safer, more customizable, and a greater variety of care at once. 

Pumps, and Other Machinery– Our pulleys and gears can be designed to create more efficient open heart bypass machines, dialysis machines, infusion pumps, and many other pharmaceutical production needs.


Centrifuges – Make sure your facility’s centrifuges are working properly for optimal performance.

Air Supply Fans – Reduce maintenance costs and increase the energy efficiency and lifespan of your air supply equipment, a critical component for any health care facility.

With over 90 years of combined experience in the engineering industry, we are well prepared to guide you through the custom manufacturing process.

If you would like to get started on your project with Illinois Pulley & Gear, contact us today. We look forward to providing you with a stellar and informative experience every step of the way.