The food processing industry is growing faster than ever before. With that growth comes an increased demand for precision equipment and improved product efficiencies.

food processing equipment

With the proper, precisely manufactured food processing equipment, your facility will be able to increase yields, optimize line efficiencies, and ensure the highest output.

At Illinois Pulley and Gear, we have the expertise and capability to meet all customized specifications and requirements for the food processing and beverage industry. With our help, you can gain a competitive advantage and meet higher demands than ever before. Our gears, pulleys, and sheaves deliver unparalleled operational efficiency and superior product quality for more efficient processes and machinery.  

We can deliver expertly engineered solutions for:

gears and pulley for food processing industry
  • Power transmission components
  • Food processing manufacturing
  • Food vending machines
  • Conveyor components & parts
  • Material handling
  • Sanitizing equipment replacement parts
  • Kiosks, points of sale, and more.

The team of experts at Illinois Pulley & Gear has the capability to meet your customized specifications and requirements for the food processing industry. Contact our team today to learn more or to discuss your project.