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We want to help you learn everything you need to know when purchasing the right pulleys and gears for your applications. That’s why we created a manufacturing innovation blog to answer some of your most crucial questions related to the products or the industry in general. Relying on over 90 years of combined experience, we offer industry-specific details and tips to help you stay informed.

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Gear Shaping vs Gear Hobbing

Gear shaping and hobbing are perhaps the two most common methods of gear creation. Gears are essential to the running of many machines, so creating the right gear is critical for smooth operations. An Introduction to Gear Shaping What is Gear Shaping? Gear shaping is one of the most common methods of gear creation. Using…

How IPG’s Custom Pulleys Work with BRECOflex Timing Belts

BRECOflex CO., LLC manufactures high-quality, popular timing belts, including polyurethane timing belts. At IPG, we can manufacture equally high-quality pulleys that are specifically designed to work best with these timing belts. If you’re looking for pulleys that work with BRECOflex timing belts, choosing a custom-made pulley manufactured by IPG makes the most sense economically, without…

How To Calculate Pulley Size From RPM

Pulleys 101: A Brief Overview Properly sizing pulleys is important for a range of industries: aerospace, agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive, and robotics, just to name a few. The breadth of industry use for pulleys is primarily because pulleys are commonly used for connecting pumps to engines or motors via drive belts. The pulley you’ll need…

Timing Belt Length Calculator

“Pulleys and belts have two uses; to increase or reduce speed or torque, or to transfer power from one shaft to another. If the transfer of power is all you need, then two pulleys of the same diameter will do the trick. But most of the time you’ll also want to take the opportunity to…

How to Identify a Timing Belt: Timing Belt Standard Sizes

In a variety of applications, rubber timing belts serve a critical purpose: synchronizing movement in a pulley system. One of the most common applications of the timing belt is within vehicle engines, synchronizing action between the camshaft and crankshaft. Within an automobile, a properly functioning timing belt is absolutely critical – in fact, a failed…

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  • Illinois Pulley and Gear has been amazing to work with. They produce high-quality, custom parts, and they know their business.
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