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We want to help you learn everything you need to know when purchasing the right pulleys and gears for your applications. That’s why we created a blog to answer some of your most crucial questions related to the products or the industry in general. Relying on over 90 years of combined experience, we offer industry-specific details and tips to help you stay informed.

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What is a Drive Pulley?

While perusing our pulley stock, you may have seen or heard of drive pulleys before. Or perhaps the only reason you know what you are looking at is because a mechanic told you it was the thing that broke. Either way, drive pulleys are a critical component of many common household machines, making it important…

How to Measure Your Pulley for a Replacement Part

Do you know how to accurately measure your pulley for a replacement part? When the time comes to replace your important equipment, a solid understanding of basic measurement procedures is invaluable. In the content below, we walk through the most common pulley measurements and how to accurately gather these dimensions when a precise replacement is…

How Do I Know When to Replace My Timing Belt?

In a variety of applications, rubber timing belts serve a critical purpose: synchronizing movement in a pulley system. One of the most common applications of the timing belt is within vehicle engines, synchronizing action between the camshaft and crankshaft. Within an automobile, a properly functioning timing belt is absolutely critical – in fact, a failed…

What is the Flange Production Process?

A flange is a small yet critical tool in the synchronous pulley system. For applications in which consistency is absolutely critical, flanges play an invaluable role in operational stability and misalignment prevention. Below, we discuss what a pulley flange does in a synchronous belt drive, how flanges are produced, and the various methods utilized by…

When Should I Update My Manufacturing Equipment?

Manufacturing companies across a plethora of industries are in continual pursuit of increased efficiency and effectivity. Updating and upgrading equipment plays a significant role in operational excellence. However, maintenance teams may wonder when the best opportunity isto update equipment. Below, we discuss proactive vs. reactive maintenance strategies, the benefits of updated equipment, and a simple…

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