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We want to help you learn everything you need to know when purchasing the right pulleys and gears for your applications. That’s why we created a manufacturing innovation blog to answer some of your most crucial questions related to the products or the industry in general. Relying on over 90 years of combined experience, we offer industry-specific details and tips to help you stay informed.

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Specialty Automotive Pulleys for Racing Applications

The anatomy of a race car is complex, each component built for speed, power, and veracity. From roof strips and windshield clips to body panels and a TV camera, each piece plays a role in the vehicle’s ability to function as it should. The engine is one of the most important elements of a vehicle…

Timing Pulleys for Food Packaging

Few individuals suspect the impact of timing pulleys on their daily life. Some people may even deny any influence. However, timing pulleys play a role in numerous industries, performing a variety of tasks – including the food and beverage industry. In fact, timing pulleys play a role in one of the most important parts of…

Which Flange Manufacturing Methods and Flanging Techniques Do You Need?

There’s no arguing that pulleys are one of the most important mechanical components of many of the machines and devices we rely on every day. However, just as important are pulley flanges. During normal pulley function, the belt rotating around the pulley will naturally tend to work itself towards one side of the pulley. Referred…

How Timing Belts Are Made

As an integral part of combustion engines, we rely on timing belts every single day. Whether used in our cars to get us from point A to point B, our lawn mowers, our washing machines, or anything else which uses an engine to operate, timing belts make life as we know it possible. Yet, there’s…

Symptoms of a Bad Timing Belt Pulley

From manufacturing equipment to our vehicles, much of the machinery we use daily heavily relies on properly functioning timing belts and timing belt pulleys. However, because these components undergo such a high and repetitive level of strain from daily use, they tend to wear out relatively quickly and must be replaced on occasion. While it’s…

  • Illinois Pulley & Gear has provided precision machining services for us for over 5 years.  They have been consistently reliable, professional, and flexible from quoting to manufacturing and delivery.
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  • Illinois Pulley and Gear has been amazing to work with. They produce high-quality, custom parts, and they know their business.
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